Tee of the Month - 12 Tees Plan

Tee of the Month - 12 Tees Plan



We love them. Great feeling, great looking tees. 

We love them even more when they're powerful. The power to stand for something. The power to give. 

Now you can have that great feel and that power delivered...on a monthly basis.

Introducing fodada's "Tee of the month" Club. 

Every month you will receive a new tee (some options shown). A new design, or color. Each package will come with the explanation of the design and its relevance to our mission. Choose from a four, six, twelve tee option. 

So go on. Feel good on the inside as well as the outside. 


12 tee plan

- Delivered at the beginning of the Month

- Free Shipping

- Receive a hoodie/pullover at no additional cost (delivered with one of the twelve packages overlapping either Father's Day or Holiday season)

- Cost per tee of $18 - savings of up to $124 than purchasing individually 



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