annual fodada International Women’s Self Defense day continues to reach new milestones

Over the past five years we have pushed for women’s empowerment. Yes, a brand dedicated to the celebration and promotion of great dads wants to empower women. Why? first, every great dad has amazing women in his life whether it be their mother, spouse, sister or daughter that he cares deeply about. Second, the legacy of teaching our kids and bringing to the forefront the importance of empowering and protecting women.

Around the globe, thousands of women have come together to receive these free two hour seminar on self-defense, empowerment, awareness, and safety. From locations across the US to as far as Pakistan, India, South Africa, Belgium, and Israel, fodada has provided these free self-defense classes on behalf of dads everywhere who care deeply about the incredible women in their lives and want to impress upon their children the importance of empowering others. 

From schools, to community centers, business board rooms and to open fields, fodada partners with individuals, groups, companies and organizations like yours that recognize the importance of women’s empowerment, and are interested in becoming catalysts for this powerful message and movement. There is no cost for the program and our facilitation.

Want your city or community to be part of our next? contact us at