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great clothes should be incredibly comfortable. they can also be incredibly powerful.

whether you buy for yourself or as a gift, each purchase funds free programming important to dads and families.

so go on. choose to pass along the power of good.


dad & me

dad and me - our marquee program in supporting and promoting father and child interactivity took center stage in 2015 and continues to grow with a commitment in using education as its core. We begin discussion with national and world wide organization in understanding how to better tap into and leverage their programs to service dad and me. From the UN to the CERN and IUCN, we are now working on some very exciting collaborations to be conducted at the local level. Whether it be a collaboration with a University Engineering Department where dads and kids get a chance to build their own LEDs to place inside halloween pumpkins to programming robots to spending time on the beach through an obstacle course to doing a hike we come back to a single beacon;

The best gift we can give to a child (and ourselves) is time.


Look for a big announcement this year that will see an expansion of Dad and Me and promoting the incredible value it has for  the child, the father, the entire family and community.

 we are not alone here in this thinking.

The Dad and Me campaign is a way for dads to promote and celebrate their role set up their children for a lifetime of healthy development — something psychologists, sociologist and even the White House deems vital. 

Did you know that preschoolers with actively involved fathers have stronger verbal skills?

•Or that girls with strong relationships with their fathers do better in mathematics?

•And that fathers’ involvement seems to encourage children’s exploration of the world around them and confidence in their ability to solve problems.

That means dads can help their kids grow up to be smarter, more confident and solve problems easier just by being there for them. Playing laser tag. Going to a museum. Exploring a nature trail. All the kinds of things dads and kids will commit to do together as part of the Dad and Me campaign!

fodada is keen to start a revolution that redefines what being a great dad means, and is introducing the Dad and Me campaign to spark a radical change that sweeps the country. Want us to help with setting up a program in your community? Contact us at


red beanie campaign

Red Beanie Campaign exceeds 10,000 families

heart disease is the #1 killer in the world and in being so affects a great number of families by taking away dad much too soon. Starting in 2013, we have provided over 10,000 bright red new born beanies to hospital delivery rooms to be put on newborn babies. The bright red beanies get the attention of parents at a major point in their lives, making the statement that very few simple changes in their lives can significantly increase their chances of being around to see their babies grow up. With the help of budding filmmaker Shayan Ebrahim and incredible story of fellow dad Dan Floriani, we produced a video in support of this campaign.

So that's why we believe we may have made the most powerful beanie on the planet.

fodada continues to fight Heart Disease and bring awareness to this incredibly important topic that affects so many families and dads. We are taking this campaign a step further this year by providing not only the new born with a bright red beanie but also a matching one for the dad. Once the newborn is brought back with the fodada red beanie, the delivery nursing team will also hand one to the father. A gesture of their immediate bond for life and reminder of the importance of simple actions that can be taken to help provide more time with each other.

We have also made these beanies available for sale with each sale supporting this and all our campaigns for celebrate, promote and support great dads. 

To the right, the Life's Simple 7 steps for increasing your chances of a healthy heart. 


Life's Simple 7

1. Get Active

If you get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day (like brisk walking), five times per week, you can almost guarantee yourself a healthier and more satisfying life while lowering your risks for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Parents, your children need 60 minutes a day–every day–so when you get active, you’re also modeling healthy living for the next generation.

2. Control Cholesterol

When you control your cholesterol, you are giving your arteries their best chance to remain clear of blockages.

3. Eat Better

A healthy diet is one of your best weapons for fighting cardiovascular disease. When you eat a heart-healthy diet (foods low in saturated and trans fat, cholesterol, sodium and added sugars, and foods high in whole grain fiber, lean protein, and a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables) you improve your chances for feeling good and staying healthy– for life.

4. Manage Blood Pressure

When your blood pressure stays within healthy ranges, you reduce the strain on your heart, arteries and kidneys, which keeps you healthier longer.

5. Lose Weight

When you shed extra fat and unnecessary pounds, you reduce the burden on your heart, lungs, blood vessels and skeleton. You give yourself the gift of active living, you lower your blood pressure and you help yourself feel better, too.

6. Reduce Blood Sugar

Lowered blood sugar helps protect your vital organs. When you reduce excessive sugars, you are giving yourself the best chance for a healthy life.

7. Stop Smoking

If you smoke, quitting is the best thing you can do for your health. Smoking is one of our nation’s top causes of early death, but your lungs can begin to heal as soon as you quit .


 annual fodada International Women’s Self Defense day continues to reach new milestones

Over the past five years we have pushed for women’s empowerment. Yes, a brand dedicated to the celebration and promotion of great dads wants to empower women. Why? first, every great dad has amazing women in his life whether it be their mother, spouse, sister or daughter that he cares deeply about. Second, the legacy of teaching our kids and bringing to the forefront the importance of empowering and protecting women.

Around the globe, thousands of women have come together to receive these free two hour seminar on self-defense, empowerment, awareness, and safety. From locations across the US to as far as Pakistan, India, South Africa, Belgium, and Israel, fodada has provided these free self-defense classes on behalf of dads everywhere who care deeply about the incredible women in their lives and want to impress upon their children the importance of empowering others. 

From schools, to community centers, business board rooms and to open fields, fodada partners with individuals, groups, companies and organizations like yours that recognize the importance of women’s empowerment, and are interested in becoming catalysts for this powerful message and movement. There is no cost for the program and our facilitation.

Want your city or community to be part of our next? contact us at


Working with dads in the prison system


In 2015 we began a relationship with the penitentiary system in the State of Oregon as part of fodada’s “dad and me” program in an attempt to pilot a version of the program to provide interaction opportunities for dads behind bars with their children. The initial group has been selected and the dads and kids have already signed their commitment letters. We are looking to collaborate on a camp later in the year. More information and updates to come.