matching adult & newborn red beanies

matching adult & newborn red beanies


Red Beanie Campaign exceeds 10,000 families

heart disease is the #1 killer in the world and in being so affects a great number of families by taking away dad much too soon. Starting in 2013, we have provided over 10,000 bright red new born beanies to hospital delivery rooms to be put on newborn babies. The bright red beanies get the attention of parents at a major point in their lives, making the statement that very few simple changes in their lives can significantly increase their chances of being around to see their babies grow up. With the help of budding filmmaker Shayan Ebrahim and incredible story of fellow dad Dan Floriani, we produced a video in support of this campaign. Link below

So that's why we believe we may have made the most powerful beanie on the planet.

In 2016, fodada has once again joined with the American Heart Association to fight Heart Disease and bring awareness to this incredibly important topic that affects so many families and dads. This year, however, we are taking this campaign a step further this year by providing not only the new born with a bright red beanie but also a matching one for the dad. Once the newborn is brought back with the fodada red beanie, the delivery nursing team will also hand one to the father. A gesture of their immediate bond for life and reminder of the importance of simple actions that can be taken to help provide more time with each other.

We have also made these beanies available for sale with each sale supporting this and all our campaigns for celebrate, promote and support great dads.

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