New Dad Pack

New Dad Pack


Celebrate the arrival of a new baby with a gift made especially for Dad. This incredible journey and the opportunity a man has to become an integral part of a child's life should be celebrated. 

fodada's New Dad Pack is the perfect gift for an expecting Dad, as a revealing, a gift for visiting a new baby at the hospital, a gift at the baby shower and just because.

At fodada we exist to celebrate this journey by producing clothing that will not only herald the importance of our cause but will also fund programs important to Dads and families here and abroad. 

The New Dad Pack Includes:

- A Royal fodada Classic tee
- Matching Rpyal newborn onesie (3mo)
- fodada sticker
- In our red present box

Tell him he is amazing. Tell him he will be amazing as a Dad. Tell him he will be amazed. 

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