This is why we exist. An amazing person recently made us aware of her interaction and opportunity described below. We could not think of a more relevant reason why we exist and more relevant item we carry besides the Peace tee.  Below is the interaction between the person who notified us and the person in need.

"Today I met Sam (not his real name). “Your driver, Sam, is here!”. He changed my world completely. I needed a ride to the airport but what he gave me was infinitely more valuable… his time, his story, and now his friendship. He is from Syria and he is a Jew. He was able to get to the US with his wife and his 3 children physically intact. But what they saw has changed them all forever. His kids have seen family members killed in front of them, saw their family home destroyed within seconds, and have had to endure hatred from people that don’t even know them. He wasn’t allowed to tell anyone in Syria he was a Jew for fear that he and his family would be killed. He cant tell any friends in Syria where he is because of fear they will kill his parents. He told me that the media isn’t even showing half of what is happening there. But through all of this he was thankful. Thankful for his job driving and thankful his children and wife are safe with him in the US. He will probably never see his parents again as they are still in Syria. As a mom myself I just can’t wrap my head around what he and his family have been through. As he dropped me off we promised we would keep in touch and stay friends."

saying its enough is not enough. 

its happening on a regular basis. overwhelming hate and violence. you see the outrage in media and hear it at the water cooler. then you hear "its enough."on the news, on social media, 

the problem needs a lot of attention but most of what we see is symptomatic solutions. you can take as much advil for a hurt back as you want. while it may temporarily relieve the pain, it won't it heal you. it needs rehabilitation and strengthening. a commitment to a program that ensures as you are healing, you're reducing the chances of reoccurrence.

that is what we are interested in. the preventative solution. this is our charge as a company and brand. this is our responsibility. we want to empower dads and parents to begin and sustain a healthy conversation. we want to reach the youth. we want to set an example and keep it front and center. 

we leverage clothing as our messaging mechanism. yes, it seems simple enough and to some maybe too simple. but sometimes thats what we need. a simple start.

we worked with a very talented artist Katie Hopkins to come up with just that. a design you like wearing and one that stands for something. one that can send a message and begin a conversation. 

with this design we simply want to stand for peace. why its important. what it means to you. what it means to your family and loved ones. and why its important to pass it along. every time you wear it and every time you talk about it. show it to your kids. show it to your family and friends.

it starts simply with ownership and conversation. its starts with you. 

pre-order yours now. available August 5th. youth and women's styles to come. 



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