Youth Noggin

Youth Noggin


This may be the most significant piece we have ever produced.

help us start and continue the conversation.

the Mental Fitness conversation.

but as a positive.

 Why not? 

to address your physical fitness, you need to continue to work on achieving, maintaining and pushing yourself. 

all of which are seen as positive steps by society. so why not apply the same concept to our mental fitness? 

we all can do more to promote the positive impact of being mentally fit. 

for ourselves. for our children.                                                                                                                  we believe it begins with simple steps that connect you and your children all while promoting mental fitness. wear our Mental Fitness design and engage your kids, families & friends, 

use #changetopositive to share you stories and feedback about your conversations & experiences 

five simple steps towards better Mental Fitness for you and your kids:

Talk with your kids - anything, anytime, anywhere.

Let them in - share with them about who you are and what you go through.

Take care of yourself, first -  so you can take better care of those you love

Be part of their world, their likes/interests 

Give yourself, and them, grace - it’s ok not be to be ok.

Check out the Mental Fitness section on our site for expanded discussion.

Available in matching unisex adult.

impact positively. 


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