8th Annual
fodada International Women’s
Self Defense Day - November 17th, 2019

We are very excited to announce the 8th Annual fodada International Women's Self Defense Day. This program aims to empower women by providing and facilitating free self-defense classes in communities around the globe.


In the past seven years, we have reached milestones in this movement. We’ve expanded our locations from right here in Southern California, to as far as Pakistan, Israel, South Africa, India, and more. We have provided these self-defense classes to over 6,000 women in 30 US cities and 15 countries around the globe at no cost, and we are excited to expand our program further this year.

From schools, to community centers, business board rooms and to open fields, fodada partners with individuals, groups, companies and organizations like yours that recognize the importance of women’s empowerment, and are interested in becoming catalysts for this powerful message and movement. There is no cost for the program and our facilitation.

To inquire about additional information or partnership please contact fodada at anna@fodadawear.com


Click here to watch our program in action. 




If you are interested in participating in this program, sign up for updates on registration opening, event updates in your city, and more.

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Official Registration Opening October 2019

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ways to get involved

Be a host for a self defense class

Want to host an event in your community, at your offices, or school? we can help publicize the event, Register attendees and provide you with an instructor. Please contact anna@fodadawear.com

Want to attend a local event to have this event happen in your area?

If you or your group is interested in having this event in your area or just interested in attending a program close to you, please send your information, your city and state and number in your party to anna@fodadawear.com

Be an instructor for a self defense class

Want to help instruct a class in your community or at your studio? We can help connect with a location in need of an instructor or publicize the event at your studio as well as register attendees. Please contact anna@fodadawear.com

“The service you have provided to me and my family is priceless.”

- Mother of 2015 participant