"Gear of the Month" Club

We love them. Great feeling, great looking gear. 

We love them even more when they're powerful. The power to stand for something. The power to give. 

Now you can have that great feel and that power delivered...on a monthly basis.

Introducing fodada's "Gear of the month" Club. Every month you will receive a new item. A new style, a tee or a polo, hoodie maybe a hat. Some exclusive items just for Gear of the Month members! Each package will come with the explanation of the design and its relevance to our mission. Join this awesome club knowing how good it will feel inside and out. 



Gear of the Month Club

- Delivered during the first week of the Month

- Free Shipping

- Items will include Tshirts, hoodies, polos, hats and exclusive items only for Gear of the Month members

- Cost per month $18.

- On going membership which you may cancel anytime