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Dad & Me - Invent With Your Kid

January 17th is K.I.D. (Kid Inventors’ Day) the perfect motivation for a fun to-do for Dads and kids!

What if you could invent a robot that would make the veggies vanish off your plate? Or create a device that would turn school days into weekends? Here’s your chance!

We want you and your kids to invent together! Encourage their creativity no matter how crazy or off-the-wall their ideas might be. As for the most awesome and unique ideas? Well, of course they get free fodada goodies.

What you’ll need:

  • Your kid (yes, that’s a requirement.)

  • Paper, pencil, coloring tools.

  • Start by coming up with three things you’d like to: change/make better/have more of/ less of, etc.

  • Discuss what you (both of you) could invent, real or make-believe, that would get the job done.

  • Draw and color what it would look like. Talk about how it would work.

  • Name it! VeggieBot? Weekendator?

  • Then post your video or drawing! Explain the invention and tag #fodadainvents

We forget that kids are inventors too! Talk, have fun, and laugh. Embrace their wild thoughts (and yours), draw their eccentric innovations, and help bring their veggie eating robot to life!

Don’t forget to show us your amazing creations! Tag us at #fodadainvents and the best ones will receive some free fodada gear.

Fodada’s Dad & Me centers around spending time together, having fun and learning. Although the programs and events change, the objective is to leverage fun and learning to connect and communicate. The more we connect and communicate with our kids, the better we all are. Enjoy the ride!

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