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we love dads. we especially love great dads. 

we all know who they are. they wipe boogers. teach you how to throw a ball. kiss booboos. play dollhouse tea party. give you a big hug. always up for a dance off. make you feel safe. love you unconditionally. 

fodada is about them. 

our clothing line celebrates, promotes and supports great dads. every purchase helps us brand the idea of great dads while funding free programs for dads and families. programs here and abroad. combatting disease to promoting the importance of dad and kid interactivity to empowerment. 

the name and the start - fodada - for dad. named by my oldest son. When he was younger, about one and a half he would love to bring anything he could get his chubby little hands on and bring it to me. with an uber drool grin he would smile and say “fodada.” my boys were the catalyst for this unbelievable journey. I have never learned or been so humbled in my life. an amazing opportunity and the clearest of decisions to leave them a legacy. 

fodada was started in May of 2012 with the mission of using a tangible good to carry a powerful message and fuel a movement. Today, we have been able to reach dads in fifteen countries and put on free programs for thousands across the globe. all thanks to your support.

but we have much to do and so many more to reach. 

we sincerely appreciate your support of our brand and cause. as someone who is buying our clothing for themselves or as a gift, as a company or group using fodada as their gear vendor, or as someone who attends and helps promote our programs. thank you. 

enjoy the dad in your life.

founder & chief dada



fodada was featured in Gentry's March 2017's issue



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