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look great with clothing that feels great and does great things

our premium line is designed to belong in anyone’s closet. made from incredibly comfortable blends and cottons, we want you to search for your fodada in the laundry.


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we are so confident that you will love your fodada that all retail purchases on from our website come with a one year no question asked return policy. Yes, one year.

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we love dads. we especially love great dads.

we all know who they are. they wipe boogers. teach you how to throw a ball. fix booboos. play dollhouse tea party. give you a big hug. always up for a dance off. make you feel safe. love you unconditionally. 

fodada is about them. 

our clothing line celebrates, promotes and supports great dads. every purchase helps us brand the idea of great dads while funding free programs for dads and families. programs here and abroad. combatting disease to promoting the importance of dad and kid interactivity to empowerment. 


a few examples of what your support of our brand funds

dad & me

our marquee program in supporting and promoting father and child interactivity took center stage in 2015 and continues to grow with a commitment in using education as its core.


red beanie program

fodada continues to fight Heart Disease and bring awareness to this incredibly important topic that affects so many families and dads. 



international women’s self defense days


fodada International Women's Self Defense Day aims to raise awareness about protecting women around the globe, and to promote the importance of empowerment.


From schools, to community centers, business board rooms and to open fields, fodada partners with individuals, groups, companies and organizations like yours that recognize the importance of women’s empowerment, and are interested in becoming catalysts for this powerful message and movement.


Around the globe, tens of thousands of women have come together to attend these free events on self-defense, empowerment, awareness, and safety. From locations across the US to as far as Pakistan, India, South Africa, Belgium, and Israel, fodada has coordinated these free self-defense classes on behalf of dads everywhere who care deeply about the incredible women in their lives and want to impress upon their children the importance of empowering others. 

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gear of the month club

Every month you will receive a new item. A new style, a tee or a polo, hoodie maybe a hat. Some exclusive items just for Gear of the Month members! Each package will come with the explanation of the design and its relevance to our mission. Join this awesome club knowing how good it will feel inside and out. 


We love them. Great feeling, great looking tees. 


We love them even more when they're powerful. The power to stand for something. The power to give. 


Now you can have that great feel and that power delivered...on a monthly basis.